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ARE肝细胞启动试剂盒   ax3704   英国Axol

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ARE Hepatocyte Starter Kit consisting of: Assay-Ready Expanded Hepatocytes (ax3701; 5 million cells), ARE Hepatocyte Thawing Medium (ax3705; 50 mL), ARE Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium (ax3710; 500 mL) and Type I Collagen-coated Multi-well Plates (6/12/24/96-well plates; Pack of 5).

Assay-Ready Expanded (ARE) Hepatocytes are primary human hepatocytes that have been adapted to culture such that they are highly plateable and easy to handle. They have limited proliferative capacity and should be used directly for endpoint assays since they are cryopreserved in a fully-functional, differentiated state. This kit consists of: 1 vial of ARE Hepatocytes, Thawing Medium, Maintenance Medium and Type I Collagen-coated Multi-well Plates.

Donor gender Please inquire
Donor age at sampling Please inquire
Genetic modification Previous activation of the oncostatin M pathway
Kit components 1 vial of ARE Hepatocytes (5 million cells), 1 bottle of Thawing Medium (50 mL), 1 bottle of Maintenance Medium (500 mL) and 5 x Type I Collagen-coated Multi-well Plates (6/12/24/96-well plates).
Growth properties Adherent
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Liquid nitrogen
Xeno free No
Usage notes Please see the protocol for detailed instructions
Condition of sale The end user is not permitted to expand or re-freeze the cells